Ruby Chouhan

Real Estate Broker

Ruby is a motivated, powerhouse real estate broker that's involved in various areas of the industry. From seasoned investors to first-time homebuyers, she has niche expertise in real estate related tax implications for non-residents of Canada and expats.

She endeavours to provide VALUE in every transaction and relationship, with the utmost ethics and transparency. Successfully sold and bought millions of dollars worth of property in the Greater Toronto Area.

Ruby's successfully written 10+ articles which have been published by various outlets, for ex. Real Estate Investment Network Magazine, shared across Canadian Chamber of Singapore and various global communities.

Her focus on real estate and the cross-border tax space has allowed her to present at various speaking engagements, webinars and share her insights to help real estate investors and professionals alike.

As a Real Estate Broker, the natural fit of property management and niche international tax exposure has further enhanced the repertoire of '360' services she provides.