A Tax Health Check Up for Canadian Expats

Friday Jul 24th, 2020


Living in another country and the hustle and bustle of everyday life leaves little time to think about the importance of staying on top of your Canadian tax filings. Yet properly exiting the Canadian tax system and keeping up-to-date on any required tax filings is essential in preventing hefty penalties, tax owing and other potential issues in the future. 


With the busy tax season fast approaching, now is the time to take a few minutes and assess your "tax health" by completing the checklist below to verify you are prepared.


Answer YES OR NO to the following questions:


Departure From Canada

Have you filed a "departure" return indicating your change of residency from Canada? This will help exit you from the Canadian tax system and there are also various disclosures and elections that may need to submitted based on your Canadian assets.


Earning Rental Income

If you own a Canadian property where you are earning rental income, have you:

  • Remitted non-resident tax withholdings

  • Submitted form NR6

  • Submitted a T1159 Income Tax Return for Filing under Section 216

  • Received an NR4 slip


Other Income

This may include items such as dividends, annuity payments, retiring allowances, interest income, employment income, sale of property income and other types of income from Canada where there are tax implications.


  • Have you notified your Canadian payers of your non-resident status?

  • Depending on the type of interest being earned, is the payer withholding the appropriate amount of tax?


Sale of a Canadian Property

As a non-resident disposing of Canadian property, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has outlined specific tax withholding and filing requirements for non-residents. Are you aware of the following items?


  • Withholdings on gross proceeds

  • Certificate of Compliance Application

  • Sale of Property Return


GST/HST New Residential Rental Property Rebates

If you’ve paid GST/HST on a new property, you may be eligible:

  • Construction of the property must be completed

  • Must be occupied by a tenant


Stay Informed

To help you get prepared and stay on top of your tax obligations, contact me for a complimentary consultation. 


Written for Trowbridge Professional Corporation. 


Contact Trowbridge Professional Corporation at Info@trowbridge.ca or contact me directly at Ruby.Chouhan@trowbridge.ca 


 [Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that everyone’s specific situation is unique. Always seek the advice of a qualified tax advisor.  Trowbridge has been providing tax expertise for over 15 years, on a global basis, and provides this article as general information, believed to be correct at the time of publishing. This information should not be used without consulting a tax specialist].

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